Framed prints come in all shapes and sizes. We love art and love to showcase prints by famous artists like Monet, Van Gogh and Klimt as well as modern prints of all sorts of subjects. Whimsical, colorful, classic or modern - here at Butler Gallery, we carry framed art for many tastes to fit in all kinds of decor. 

Local Artists & Regional Interest 

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Original Oil Paintings

There's nothing quite like original art. We hand select oil paintings in all different styles, sizes and colors several times a year. This art is all original, not printed, though it may not be signed by the artist. For our most recent acquisitions, visit us on facebook or pinterest. 

An artist in love with color, Victoria Salvano specializes in watercolor paintings. Victoria founded Butler Gallery in 1980 so she could be around art all the time. Now we offer a full range of her giclee prints of scenes of Baltimore and Europe. See more on her website,

​Classic & Modern Framed Prints


Yes, we carry local prints. The striking scenes of Baltimore life in A. Aubrey Bodines photography are some of our best selling framed art. We carry several other artists that treat iconic views around Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic and are always looking for something new. Hunt, horse and hound themed art are perennial favorites here in Hunt Valley 


Butler Gallery offers a wide selection of framed art that constantly changes. From local artists, like our own Victoria Salvano, to the old masters with many styles in between, there is something for every taste. We are always searching for new art and love to show how different framing techniques can enhance art. We are a small business and take time to design and make framed art that you won't find anywhere else. 

Below are samples of some of the artists and art we currently have in the gallery. More images can be found on our facebook page and on pinterest. Inventory may be limited, for example original art can not be reproduced, however we are happy to help you find similar prints or paintings. Don't worry if you don't like the frame - we're custom framers who can change it! COVID UPDATE - Small framed art and small oils available for shipping or curbside pickup. See our Facebook albums. CONTACT US!

Victoria Salvano​